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re: Dan Bilzerian's very own containment thread. All things Bilzerian go here

Originally Posted by SuqAta8 View Post
Who do you look up to / who is your biggest role model in life?
I don't have a role model and i wouldn't want to switch places with anyone else, but I look up to David Goggins
(Ignore if already asked, just woke up too see youre doing an ama)
Originally Posted by jiinkopp View Post
It wasn't that simple, but my OIC was a big pussy
Do you ever regret not becoming part of the Teams?[/QUOTE]
I used to
Originally Posted by southwesternsilver View Post
Who is your idol? and don't say Charlie sheen
I don't idolize anyone
Originally Posted by cardtangled View Post
why u don't play on online poker sites?
Its illegal

Originally Posted by timchuk View Post
Blitz you seem pretty down to earth for a rich man. I'm sure you have friends that have to work for a living and you just have an opportunity to have a chitload of fun. If all your money was gone and you had to work for a living what would you do?
Probably be a fireman
Originally Posted by GoingBroke777 View Post
How often do people ask you for money when they recognize you?
No one has ever said "hey you're Dan, can i have some money" lol
Originally Posted by Private_Snowball View Post
How much do you bench?
I don't know
Originally Posted by chinamaniac View Post
Do you give homeless pan handlers $? If so what is the most you have given?
sometimes, 500
Originally Posted by nickshame View Post
nice of you, enjoying the Q&A! keep up the things which makes you happy!

my question: What was the biggest amount of $ you spontaneously gave away to a stranger just without any reason or expectation of getting something back?
When i give away money i never expect anything in return... 20k
Originally Posted by AnotherMakiaveli View Post
Funny definition of success....."everything I ever wanted" equals success.

So he did not want to finish BUDS or maybe he did not dream of it enough? Why did he go there in the first place then?
I finished all but one day... Talk to me when you finish one day
Isn't success if you reach a goal that you have set for yourself? Sometimes you will inevitably fail.

I don't want to bash on anyone but all of the following sucks...

[x] burned popcorn
[x] i'm beating up hookers crap...
[x] breathing someone else’s fart
[x] winning 10 mios in a single session...
[x] expired milk
[x] hollywood movie actor (paid to be in a movie = SUCCESS)...
[x] empty toilet paper rolls
[x] giving out XBoxes as a PR stunt to increase your social network reach (old hat)...
[x] multiple stab wounds
[x] AA vs. KK pre flop cooler
[x] this thread
Says the guy trolling this thread...

Originally Posted by nickshame View Post
question 2: Did u have Sex with Kara Scott? xD
I don't think so
Originally Posted by Davidmilam3 View Post
Why have you and Ivey not played heads up? 5 mill buyin sounds fair.
He was broke last I heard, and I prefer to play bad players, I'm not playing for ego
Originally Posted by vento View Post
Has Tony G already contacted you for a little private home game?
He is a turd
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