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re: Dan Bilzerian's very own containment thread. All things Bilzerian go here

Originally Posted by LakeStevens View Post
Why even post on a forum? Ur a boss. Bosses don't post on this crap
I'm not to good to answer a few Q

Originally Posted by why_all_the_hate View Post
when is your reality tv show gonna come out?
I've got lots of good offers, still debating if i wanna go down that road

Originally Posted by hfrog355 View Post
When you're not being awesome goofing off on a world class scale, what do you do that you consider work? What kind of things/companies/investments are you involved with in a professional capacity?
I'm acting and producing movies, but i don't consider it work

Originally Posted by GacelSayah View Post
how many diff girls u have sex in one day? max

Originally Posted by THAKID View Post
Can u please confirm the drop kick euro trip story or call my friend mike Marcus and tell him to stop being a liar

If ignored I'll do nothing/possibly heckle u if I see u in Vegas

Requoting below
That was 8 years ago, but i vaguely remember it was to drop kick some cockblock at a hostel while we were on a euro trip

Originally Posted by GoogledYou View Post
Not trying to troll you or anything,

But why do you consider yourself successful?
B/C i've done everything I ever wanted to do or dreamed of doing
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