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re: Dan Bilzerian's very own containment thread. All things Bilzerian go here

Originally Posted by Momsbarbershop View Post
Oh **** blitzforce in da house..

Biggest win and loss at the pit? Which game?
Loss was only 410k and win only 120k

Originally Posted by onesteptheface View Post
What was William Reynolds implying with his tweet about you and the abortion papers and a "cute little fetus" that resided at Viffers residence at Panorama Towers?
He was referring to what the world hoped his mother would of done

Originally Posted by Bostongrinder View Post
Most amount of cocaine did in one night or over course of a day?
less than an 8 ball

Originally Posted by kizk_ View Post
are u the biggest winner in poker u know?I know a guy who won 440mil in a year

favourite car?
La Ferrari

[QUOTE=Fly_on_the_wall;41533998]Hey Dan, did you ever give Andrew Robl a chance to win his money back after you beat him heads up out of $750,000 at the Bellagio two years ago? By the way, nice call with two pair when he shoved all in with air. I believe he tried to represent a flush right? He's prob up on me in poker
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