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re: Dan Bilzerian's very own containment thread. All things Bilzerian go here

Originally Posted by Loopshot1 View Post
What's the biggest bill you've ever rang up in a night at Marquee? 20k
What's your favorite gun? FN SCARH
Do you avoid eating carbs?
I don't diet, I just eat healthy all year round and that includes lots of carbs and very little saturated fat

Originally Posted by Tunaflop View Post
Can I get a free xbox one without doing all the instagram stuff?
No and I gave the last one away yesterday

Originally Posted by THE Priest View Post
Did Ryan really beat you heads up at the Aria for 6 million ?
no, he is a broke joke

Originally Posted by Tunaflop View Post
Do you do any fantasy sports or sports betting?
If I go to a game, I gotta bet to care, but I'm not into sports betting

Originally Posted by RaiseAgainst View Post
Do you really believe such things as "hookers are not people" or is that just part of your internet/troll persona? I've seen a few people write in this thread you came across as a nice guy IRL, but you seem to try pretty hard to provoke people with your online shenanigans.
that was obviously said as a joke, and I'd never hit a girl that didn't hit me first... Just b/c you have a vagina doesn't give you the right to act like a ******, steal and hit people with out fear of recourse

Originally Posted by Mench View Post
Most you've ever won in a heads up match?
10.8 mil

Originally Posted by Tunaflop View Post
Is Hank Scorpio your favourite fictional tv character?

Originally Posted by Loopshot1 View Post
In your opinion, who is the best Filipino poker player?
i can't tell those kamakazie pilots apart

Originally Posted by codygary12 View Post
When will you be coming back to Crosslake? I've heard some crazy stories from some of your old friends here. im still here

Shooting up houses and shooting bird houses from across the lake, stealing all the "no wake" signs. Sounds like a blast man.
wow someone who actually knew me in my youth haha impressive

Originally Posted by walshp1 View Post
Best place you've ever partied?Ibiza

How do I get rich?
get lucky and be ready for the opportunity if it comes

Originally Posted by LVpokerPRO View Post
Can i party with you?
im not a huge partier, more of a pussy connoisseur, that said if you see me out come say hi
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