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Re: Ultimate Sponsored Pro ReynoldsXO Angleshooting BN Draw


This is William Reynolds.

If you have played on Ultimate Poker you have probably seen me play under "ReynoldsXO"

Money Beets and I have been playing on Ultimate Poker for 4-5months 3-5days a week. We have played heads up on many occasions to start games over this time period. Nearly all of our volume has been 2/4-5/10.

Earlier this week I was playing someone heads up and got beat up for 2kish at 2/4. Money Beets sat in the game to make it 3 handed. I sat out of the game within an orbit or two deeming the session hopeless. This chat began after I sat out

ReynoldsXO: stuey

ReynoldsXO: ur an idiot

ReynoldsXO: dont lose ur money to money beets

Stuey Stinks: ty

Stuey Stinks: ok

Money Beets: I can't believe they pay you for this reynolds

I left the table immediately and began closing my tables to go to lunch when Money Beets began sitting tables with me. I left all games he sat with me except a 1/2 full ring 50bb max.

I sat in and money beets got the button. I sat out. I sat in and got the button and moved all in for $100 w 8x off. Money Beets folded and I sat out.

I sat in and Money Beets drew the button again. I sat out. I sat in and got button. I moved all in w J8? off suite. Money Beets folded and I sat out. I showed my hands both times after he folded.

ReynoldsXO: i only play buttons vs u heads up

Money Beets: so you're admiting you angle shoot?

Money Beets: as a paid pro

Money Beets: lol

ReynoldsXO: you can play me heads up if u want

ReynoldsXO: but i only play buttons

ReynoldsXO: my buttons

ReynoldsXO: my buttons

ReynoldsXO: my shiny shiny buttons

Money Beets: new new hieghts

Money Beets: hope you're proud

ReynoldsXO: relaxxx

ReynoldsXO: take it ezzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Money Beets: is that a joke, you just killed my action with another player, and abuse the system to cheat at HU

Money Beets: nice try cheater

At this point it was clear Money Beets was not amused with what just happened so I sat in and got the button. I sat out. I sat in and got the big blind and was dealt Q6o. Money Beets min raised and I folded. I sat out.

ReynoldsXO: i ony play heads up out of position

I sat in and got the button. I sat out. I sat in and got the big blind and Money Beets proceeded to sit out on the button.

Money Beets: not doing this over and over, hope my 2$ was worth it

ReynoldsXO: u no want shiny button ?

Money Beets: no, I want you, a paid pro of the site, to stop angle shooting and ruining acion

Money Beets: you wouldn't think it would be that hard, but I guess that's too much to ask

ReynoldsXO: ooo000ooo

ReynoldsXO: u no likey $2 looks at cally all in

ReynoldsXO: that good action

Money Beets: I don't care, I care about you telling people not to play me, and abusing the button draw

ReynoldsXO: u got the EV when it came to the button

ReynoldsXO: gave u 2 looks

ReynoldsXO: and tried to give buttons back

ReynoldsXO: u got 1 back

ReynoldsXO: denied the other

Money Beets: not the point, yyou are a site pro, and this isn't even close to an appropriate standard of conduct

ReynoldsXO: please forgive me money beets

Money Beets: can't unring a bell

ReynoldsXO: lol

All said and done Money Beets and I played 3 hands of 1/2 $100max heads up. 2 of which I won after obtaining the button to move all in with any two cards. The other I was big blind and folded to a min raise. I attempted to give him a second button but he declined.

Money Beets I commend you for doing what you think was right and holding me accountable. The poker community now knows that if I draw the button heads up and move all in for a 50x pot over bet jam any two will do.

Final thoughts:

I should have just asked Money Beets if he wanted to flip instead of moving all in with any 2 while allowing him to fold/call properly. This would have made it neutral EV while avoiding skeptical behavior to facilitate unnecessary gambling.

I've probably started more games via heads up at ring tables than anyone on UP. This was an isolated incident with an end result of $2 changing hands. I was not maliciously abusing the system to gain an edge. I was moving all in with 8 high.
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