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Re: *** December 2013 High Stakes Thread ***

samrostan: need go eat .so tired .play next time.
OMGClayAiken: man
OMGClayAiken: cmon
OMGClayAiken: 700k
OMGClayAiken: give me a chance to play
OMGClayAiken: i would for you
samrostan: i cant play long time .always bust my acct
OMGClayAiken: you're not going to bust 800k
samrostan: i play 10 hour all ready.
samrostan: what u want do ? play 40 hour?
OMGClayAiken: i know me too
samrostan: iam tired .
OMGClayAiken: no, like 12
samrostan: i need eat.
OMGClayAiken: okok
samrostan: no food my house .
samrostan: gg maybe later.
OMGClayAiken: one sec
samrostan: i will play u again .dont worry.
OMGClayAiken: just please let me know
OMGClayAiken: if you come back tonight
OMGClayAiken: or you sleep first
samrostan: i tired .play tomm.
OMGClayAiken: ok
OMGClayAiken: gg
samrostan: gg

You mean this? Serious cool-losing going on here
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