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Re: *** December 2013 High Stakes Thread ***

Originally Posted by Petey 5thStreet View Post
Hey Ike, Thanks for the shoutout in your wcg article! I thought it was really well-written and inspiring for small stakes players like me that really work hard to get better and move up

Sucks willy ran so good today, I'm sure you're chomping at the bit for more of his action. Hopefully he keeps playing ya
Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

I'm pretty sure jungle is valuebetting in that hand. It looks pretty crazy, but consider that kanu is betting 1/3rd pot on the river, which is more like checking than it is like betting full pot. This scenario is as close to jungle betting after facing 3 checks as it is to raising a normal sized bet. It's still a pretty big, pretty thin bet but it's gotta be for value.
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