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Re: Flopzilla

just a little thing:

when copy paste range into flopzilla (ctrl T), we must make sure there is no space in front of the text. For example:
1. " TT,AQo-AJo,KQo-KJo,AQs-ATs,A5s,KQs-KTs,QJs-QTs,JTs,T9s,98s"
2. "TT,AQo-AJo,KQo-KJo,AQs-ATs,A5s,KQs-KTs,QJs-QTs,JTs,T9s,98s"

Flopzilla don't except #1 and we have to erase space in front of the range (#2).
I think it's more intuitive if Flopzilla trim the space it self.
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