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Re: ***Stoxpoker EV calculator 1.0.9 released***

Hi guys,

Although most of you probably already have the latest version, I hereby release if officially:

For proper installation:
- Dowload the file to disk before running it, otherwise it may crash.
- If you have installed a previous version, manually remove the StoxEv_E.exe file before installing because the installer doesn't overwrite existing files.

New features:

-Hand history imports:
Import hands from Full tilt, pokerstars, ipoker, party and prima by pressing F3 and copy pasting the hand history. After doing this, please check if everything is imported correctly. Pay particular attention to antes. They should be deducted from the stack and added to "extra money in pot" under game properties (Ctrl+F1). Also, report anything going wrong with people disconnecting or sitting out. Report any bugs to Thanks in advance.

-Improvement in small fields for ICM
ICM model is now the mathematical solution if both the number of players and the number of prizes is at most 8 (otherwise it's too slow and an approximation is used).

-Notes feature
Press Alt+N to add a note to your file. The note will be shown in the upper left. In case of a hand history import the hand history will be copied to the note. It is also possible to add a note to a decision button or an action. Hover over it and click Alt+N. To read it, also hover over it and click Alt+N.

-New button in boardselection
New button in boardselection window on turn and river, "Select all remaining". Will save you a lot of clicking when creating layers.


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