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Bankroll and Results Summary - September 2013

I suppose this is the painful bit !

September Graph in $

September Graph in bb

It is not pretty let's be honest. It covers my comeback to poker (after 5 weeks working 16 hour days on my student houses) where I broke even(ish) at NL10. Then I took my 6 buy-in shot at NL25 which started very well and I got up to around $850 before getting my butt handed to me on a plate culminating in me dropping back down to NL10. I posted 9 hands where I lost most of that money and some good players told me I played them ok and they were coolers. This was some comfort but my honest conclusion is that I am not ready for NL25 at this stage.

I am happy to play NL10 and try hard to get back to $750 to take another shot, I hope to not have to move down to NL5 obviously.

I will work hard as always but will cover this in the new Goals For October posts.

Bankroll = $572.40 (Net profit/loss after RB = -$150.81)

Good luck to me!
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