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Re: ***Stoxpoker EV calculator 1.0.9 released***

Originally Posted by grumpy64 View Post
i guess i did something wrong but the action for the button where it says i told it to raise 3.12 with a st8 or better yet it says i did not give an action at that point.
Because it has come across a hand where you don't have a straight or better and it doesn't know what to do now.
You still need to tell the program what to do with the other hands.

For instance:
If you only want to know the percentage of times you have >=straight then you don't need to enter an entire tree. Just enter what the program should do with all other hands (I've added "fold all other hands") and press F5:

If you want to know the EV then you do need a complete tree and press F7. I've made the button go all in with >=set here and fold all other hands:

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