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Originally Posted by siweq86 View Post
Hi, i have hand like this:
On the River hero's hand (AQ) beat any one pair Ax and split with AQ. Is it possible to set that villian calls River 25% of time with one pair Ax hands and 100% of time with AQ?
Currently you can't filter individual hands in a statistic, just the entire statistic.
I can take a look if I can add that feature though.

For now, there's two ways in which you can accomplish this effect:
1) Remove roughly 3/4 of the Ax hands. This should come down to almost exactly the same thing as filtering them 25% of the time
2) Add a 25% weight in the starting hand matrix for the Ax hands. This would be slightly incorrect, since this weighting will now apply throughout the hand, instead of only applying to the river. However, if you're only interested in the river, then there's no difference whatsoever.
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