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Originally Posted by kuafas View Post
Updated to the latest version. Now when I run Flopzilla, it says that a previous registration was detected and offers to register again with the same key. I click OK and it opens "Register this software" window, however, when I click the Register button, an error saying "An unsupported operation was attempted" appears.
Please contact support with your ID.
To get this ID, start Flopzilla and select "register" from the menu.
It’s the code that looks like 1111-2222-3333-4444-5555-6666-7777-8888.
Alternatively, please watch this video on getting your ID:

Please mail that ID to support.

My apologies for my late reply. I already received an e-mail about this post yesterday, but for some reason, it was not visible in the forums then. I had assumed it had been deleted.
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