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Originally Posted by sangalla View Post
Sorry. I use wrong word.
I mean "We can see how much equity on every card." If you have Equilab you can see it under "scenario analyser" sub menu. I love this menu because we can see which turn/river cards good for us and how many cards improve our equity. I hope you take a look at this and if possible include in next version.

BTW, Equilab is a different tool and Flopzilla is still the best overall.
Flopzilla can already do this, in the form of the "Hotness feature".
It is hidden to the right of the "Dead cards" section.
Just enlarge your screen to the right:

The hotness feature shows the equity for each turn/river card.
Green improves the equity of the hand.
Red improves the equity of the range.

And next to that all turn/river cards with their associated equities are listed in order.
The hands that are best for the range are on top.
The hands that are best for the hand are on the bottom.

For more on Flopzilla's Easter Egg features, please go here:
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