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Re: Official MSMTT quick checkup thread

150$ 10k added in Jacksonville.
Hero: I've been riding a 15-20bb stack for a while now. I have been folding, open raising and 3bet jamming only. In one spot, another 2p2 poster got folded to on the button in my bb, and he min raised. I jammed my 15bb with K7 and rivered a king. Other than that, no one at the table has seen a hand from me, since I nitted it up after showing down a K7 3b shove. 15 BB

Villain 1: Cash game pro, is sitting on around 25bb, been playing tight but tryign to pick up blinds when possible. Claims to have folded 1010 when I 3bet QQ earlier.

Villain 2: No idea what he's doing, has been asking questions about how payouts work, how structure works, 6x opens, etc. Caled a guys 10bb utg jam with 910 in MP1. Covers

V1 opens 2.5x UTG. V2 flats.

Hero on button with QJss. What's our play here?
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