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re: *** Ultimate Poker General Discussion Thread *** See first post for FAQ link!

Our Big-ass Software Update

Y'all have been waiting a while for it, and here it is. Here's what's in it.

Table & Lobby Enhancements

The biggest visual impact to our product will be the table enhancements. Many of you know this as "Table 2.0", and it includes resizable tables, resized avatars, player pedestals, a new timer, relocated rake to the center of the table, improved table backgrounds, larger cards, preset bet buttons, more visible action buttons, a "spotlight" for the current player, a complete overhaul of sounds, better advance action buttons, anti-ratholing features, a better buyin dialog box, no more “focus stealing”, new lobby graphics, a revamp of the fonts used throughout the table, and a host of graphics bugfixes. We won't autopost your blinds anymore.

Tournament Enhancements

We’ve added late registration, rebuy tournaments and "additional currencies". Additional currencies are tournament tickets (entry into specific tournaments) and "U-Dollars", written as U$. U$ can be won via satellites and used to register for MTTs or SNGs (but not cash games). You may view the satellites to a target in the tournament lobby, as well as see the target tournament of a satellite lobby. There are also icons to show satellite and 6max tournaments and a redesigned wallet to show all of your tickets and currencies.

VIP Program Phase 1 & Merchandise Store

Boom, here it is. XP and U-Points. XP are a measure of how much you've played (and can't be spent). U-Points are spendable promotional points (spendable in the store only, of course - you can't gamble with them).

Playing any raked tournaments or cash games rewards you at the rate of 10 XP per $1. The base level earns you one U-Point per XP. If you earn a certain amount of XP in a month, the U-Points you earn are multiplied based on your tier. If you earn a significant amount of points in a rolling 14 month (“one year”) period, you can earn "Gold Plaque" or "Diamond Plaque" status, massively multiplying the points earned even more. There’s a new VIP dialog in the My Account pages that shows all of the progress to you. There's also a host of items in the store that you'll be able to purchase to supplement the points you get. There's also a bunch of stuff planned for promotions in the next few weeks & months. As I mentioned before, we're not going to "punish" players for having gotten in our initial release and playing - ScottyY can speak more about it, and we'll have more details on our website shortly.

Other stuff

This software update is required. If you try to log in with the old version, it'll force you to update. You can get a jump on this by uninstalling and reinstalling the software located at

This version *doesn't* have a lot of things, and I'll be here all day to dodge rocks.. er.. answer questions about what is still missing. Just remember that because it's not here doesn't mean we're not working every single day to getting the features built, tested and deployed as quickly as possible. Just because you see one thing in this version doesn't mean that it's "more important" than something else you dont see - Often some features are pretty lightweight and so we choose to implement those: sometimes it's a matter of balancing how big a bite is with how tasty it is at the buffet.

As always, you can find us on twitter at: (Me - Chris Danek: Product / Software questions) (Terrence Chan: Support) (Scott Yeates: Game Operations) (Joe Versaci: CMO)

.. And a bunch more (see the follow list of @UltimatePoker).
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