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Re: biggerboat's building boondoggle blog

Originally Posted by zikzak View Post
What's the story with the foundation? Is it sinking?
Yeah, I was hoping you were still reading.

Yeah, it's sort of sinking in different places. It's off a couple of inches easy in one room. I believe that the beams are good. I've had a second opinion and both said the wood looks fine. I think the piers are spaced properly on the big beams. However, I think the span between beams is more than it should be. The house feels "loose" in some places when you walk around.

Additionally, part of the house was originally a garage so I don't think that part of the floor is supported the same as the rest of the house.

The proposal includes installing 19 spread footers. I "think" this is in addition to the ones that are there to firm everything up, but I'm not sure.

The second bid came in at $7500. This guy drew a picture. He has what I think is 7 new piers and it looks like he's trying to do the same thing - brace up the span between the old beams. Also, he wrote about the garage area "slab to be mudsacked for void fill and spread footers to lift". Not sure what that means either.

The first guy tried to explain to me how they did things. I think he said that they put angle iron beneath the beam and put the piers under the angle iron.

I got a good impression from the first guy. I'm going to talk to him again to get a better understanding of exactly what he's going to do.

I have a third company coming next week.
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