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Re: biggerboat's building boondoggle blog

Trip #5

Things are slowly getting better.

I spent the last 2 nights drawing nice pictures for the folks at the city to look at. I already had a survey so I had a plot picture. I also had what qualifies as elevation pics from a design contest I held last month. I just needed to get them citified.

The girl this time around was really friendly and fairly knowledgeable. However, when she pulled my file up she got that standard look of puzzlement on her face.

I showed her all of my drawings and forms I filled out and explained everything. She was a bit confused about the addition that I never did so she called over a supervisor. The supervisor explained to me (again) that it was impossible for them to know that I didn't do any work so she was ready to send me up to Tony. I explained to her that Tony would not be amused. I also pointed out that right there in her system it says "CANCELLED BY OWNER". She seemed to accept this and let us carry on.

After we went through everything it came down to the pictures. The requirement is that you have 1 copy of each picture on 8 1/2 x 11 or 8 1/2 x 14, and 2 copies each on a piece of paper at least 11 x 17. I did this by simply enlarging the smaller copies to the bigger piece of paper. This seemed logical to me. However, the pictures must be drawn to an approved scale. Unfortunately, when you blow up a pic that was drawn to an approved scale, you get a pic that isn't approved scale.

Fortunately, this particular person actually applied some common sense to the situation. She told me the small drawing were suitable since the only reason they require bigger copies is that sometimes people bring in drawings that can't be read easily. So, she said to just make the smaller copy on the bigger paper but don't re-size the picture. She even wrote on the Submittal Checklist that I need to bring back, "All small copies OK". Given what I've encountered so far, I'm shocked.

So, I think I'm really close to getting past the first line of defense. One more trip should do it. Then everything goes on to the review board.
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