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Ok so part of this story is what is actually happened and then another part of this story is a dream I had so I divide it into three parts

What Actually Happen

Long long ago on a fateful day in the 90's they had these hard candies called tastetations made by hersheys and me and my parents and a cousin were in the living room watching a show called sliders. so they all agreed that this was the worstest candy ever. It was called "terrible" and "disgusting".Except by me I really liked it.
So as I was eating my forth or so piece my mom told me to stop pretending I liked it and then I told her that I actually did like it. Over the course of about two hours I ate most of the bag and my parents told me how horrible of a thing it was to do to eat a whole bag of candy that you didn't like and then i told them that I did like it. Occasionally they will reference this event as a time when I ate a whole bag of candy just to prove a point and say "this is like the time you ate all those tastetations."
So basically I have no idea what point I would be trying to prove by eating that I just liked the candy but still to this day all three people in that room insist that I didn't eat it for that reason but instead was trying to prove some weird bryce meta-point. Granted I do insist on making a point sometime but that wasn't one of those times. Sometimes I will point out that seriously I just wanted to eat it since I liked it but literally no one believes EVEN a very simple tale of me enjoying eating a candy because I'm me. Imagine how much it would suck if you couldn't get anyone in your own family to listen to anything you have to say because hey your the crazy one. There are certain people in my family who I will just say the exact opposite of what I think so they will agree with what I actually think. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

my dream

Im in a fictional ruins by a beach. As the waves gently crash along the shores of the beach and wash in the dead bodies the bombed out buildings are full of inhabitants just living their lives doing something no one knows. The buildings that line the beach look like an earthquake had hit and the walls have caved in so you can see inside what was once apartment buildings/hotels and inside those half collapsed apartment buildings people still have posters up and bedsheets made and tvs on even though the rain is falling directly on their bedsheets and TV's since they don't have a roof. And as Im walking along the beach I feel a sharp pain and am smothered;dying.

when I wake up there is this human like monster with small tiny arms and bloated red eyes and scaling half beige half green skin. We are in some kind of basement filled with flags and raw meatand in the background holland 1945 plays from neutral milk hotel. the monster informs me its time to start a new test and I say that I want to leave. then the monster tells me he would of course let me leave if I actually wanted to but I obviously dont want to leave and that this is like the time I ate all those tastetations.
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