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Re: Rant: The Royal Flush Girls - WPT

Who doesn't like hot women though? I cant grasp how people would turn on the TV and have the mindset of "look at those hot girls in their skin-tight sponsor race suits, clapping for the drivers for this stupid racing event...."<scarfs down another 2 liters of ice cream sitting on the couch>

Seriously though no guys on the planet dislike the combo of hot women and sporting events, no matter how little impact they have on the event or how little sport is actually involved (poker).

I mean what else are these women supposed to do when you look that good? Models have employed since forever and its mostly just posing and standing around thats like the definition of model.

So... if you are against things like the royal flush girls, clapping F-1 girls, car show girls that just stand there next to the car etc, you are basically denying that these women should work in this career choice they have made. Would you prefer they add to the growing national unemployment rate and collect welfare? The logic of that alone is wrapped in layers of stupidity.
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