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Re: biggerboat's building boondoggle blog

Trip #4 to the city.

I finally got someone that seemed knowledgeable. Although she didn't really tell me anything the other folks didn't tell me, she explained it so I could understand.

The Acknowledgement of Expired Permits seemed to me to be a tarp. Although she didn't come out say it, I got the point. Yes, it is a tarp. I probably won't be doing this.

So, there is an 8 page form I'll need to fill out. It's going to take quite some time to research the city code to answer some questions and a lot of time measuring. As the told me before, I'll have to submit a survey, elevation pics, and a floor plan.

Although the previous person told me I could basically sketch the floor plan, this person did not approve. I handed it to her and it was like I was handing her a bug or something. I swear she said "ewwww". So, I guess I'd better do a bit more professional job.

And, I'll need that dreaded Life Safety for Expired Permit permit.

So, apparently I do all of this, then turn it in to a review committee. She couldn't tell me much more than that.

On another note. The last few months have been brutal. 3 year relationship ended. My Mom and Dad are both pretty old and I've been having to deal with stuff with my Dad. I won't go into the whole sister story, but **** be happening with that. And, **** at work too. So, this city/remodel stuff is all on top of other stuff. I've actually been able to deal with the city stuff much better than I normally would. I'm sort of in a zombie state right now and I can't even muster up any anger. I just sort of keep aimlessly walking slowly ahead with my hands in the air.
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