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Re: biggerboat's building boondoggle blog

Trip #3 to the city.

Today I explained my situation to another person. She seemed confused, as has everyone there.

Her first suggestion was to go talk to Tony. I explained to her that I've already tried that and that Tony was not all that happy to have me there. She seemed puzzled.

So, she said the next step is to get that Life Safety for Expired Permit permit. Which, is why I was there. I asked her what was needed to get this. She said a survey of the property and a floor plan of my house. I asked her why she needed this. She said they needed it to see what I had changed. I asked her if she had the original survey and floor plan and she said no. I asked her how they would know what I changed without that. Her answer was that I needed to bring a survey and a floor plan.

I then talked to her a bit about the situation and I indicated that the failed slab inspection was incorrect and pretty much had to be if they passed a framing inspection. She seemed to accept my logic and then told me that they had changed systems several times since then and things had gotten lost. Then she said - and I quote - "unfortunately, you have to get it all fixed".

We talked a bit more and she said, "somebody explained the Acknowledgement of Expired Permits to you, right". Well, no. She then handed me a form that acknowledges that I have expired permits but allows me to get a new permit. However, the legalese on this is both confusing and a bit scary. I read it as either 1) I can sign this and go on my merry way 2) I sign this and the inspection on the new stuff will include another inspection on the old stuff which will require the survey and floor plan as above or 3) I sign it and will be fined whatever they choose to fine me for not cleaning up the old permits. Or, all of the above. I can't really tell and I'm fairly sure nobody there can explain it to me.

I haven't decided my next course of action. Well, other than I'm pretty sure I'll be spending a lot more time at the city.
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