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Re: NL10 AK oop in 3bet pot facing a calling station

You are mis-applying the concepts I think.

We're not trying to deny draws, we're trying to find the right sizing to have villain incorrectly fold equity (unpaired undercards, sometimes small pairs) without fighting back against us, while also minimizing how much we lose cbetting in to a made hand that either fights back or stations us in position and we don't turn good barrel cards and have to ch/f.

And, I would use the same sizing with big pairs and 9x vs regs as I would with AK or other random overs in a 3bet pot. So it's as much a balance issue as something that I think works well in this situation.

And we can do it with our big hands too because remember, it's a 3bet pot. It'll be easy to go bigger later to get the rest of the money in if we need to.
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