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Re: **PokerStars Software Improvement Thread***

Hello 2+2,

We are in the process of deploying a small client update this week. Here is a list of the most notable items:

Re-entry tournaments (Beta)

We are introducing re-entry tournaments to the PokerStars tournaments offering. In re-entry tournaments, when you bust during late registration, you are given the option to re-enter the tournament. Unlike in a rebuy, you will not keep your seat (and there is no add-on period); instead, you are given a completely new tournament entry. Initially we will start with a small Beta offering of those tournaments until we verify that everything is functioning properly.

New card decks (Beta)

We've introduced two new card decks. They are accessible via Table Themes. Here are screenshots of the new decks:

Mac Client and Cocoa API

The PokerStars.NET Mac Cocoa client rollout has gone rather smoothly, so we are deploying the new Cocoa Mac client to several real money licenses this month. If all goes well, it will be deployed to .COM and .EU next month. In the Cocoa client there is initial Retina support for text and native OS controls.

Other bug fixes and improvements
  • Beta Sounds: A fix for the ante sound being played too many times each hand.
  • A fix for some graphical issues with full hole cards obscuring the dealer button in themes derived from the Classic theme.
  • A fix for a problem with tournaments not auto-closing when a player busts at the same time the table breaks.
  • Other smaller fixes and tweaks.

Note: Most of the above changes would only take effect once your gaming client has been updated, which could happen at different times for different players. Please ensure you are running PokerStarsUpdate.exe to get the update.
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