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Re: COTW: Understanding Polarization

Originally Posted by mysticism View Post
so.. with that said with a player like this, an ABC TAG player, nothing like too would you stay polarized otr but heavily weighted towards nuts though? cause i would suspect that they guy's just probably gonna call you down with a decent top pair nevertheless
when an ABC Tag calls the flop + turn his range is usually quite yes, your range on the river will usually be quite poled

Originally Posted by mysticism View Post
9. also to be add, i think versus some guys that will call like say 80% of the flops when you opened, i believe that some hands for example like A9 on 952r, just become some nut hands otf, right ? because their calling range is just gonna be so lose that hands like top pair HU on a dry flop are just going to light speed in value, isn't

10. as to what is said, would you believe that for example on a flop of 973s a hand of say A9 would be a good part of our polarized betting range ? as i think the board gets more and more wet hands like top pair raise in value as we can treat them as part of the top of our polarized range on such flop
if he'll float the flop super wide, then yes, A9 performs super well on 973 (and 952). I think you are over-complicating the poled strategy concept and are now focusing too much on your own ranges rather than just exploiting your opponent.

Originally Posted by 6V6GT View Post
Thanks *Split* - really good.
How come this isn't stickied like the other COTW's ?
Thank you! COTWs are only stickied for a short time (right after they are written usually)
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