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Re: COTW: Understanding Polarization

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7. hmm as it comes to stakes say NL10-NL50, and to say making a 3-barrel, i think we still suppose to stay polarized versus some decent TAGs right? but as it comes to stakes as low as NL10 yes we Should be polarized but as people out there hardly can hand read, we suppose to play ton unbalanced - heavily weighted towards our nut hands - because they will just call us down whatever the reason ( so let's say by betting missed 9,8 out NFD NSD otr )
Originally Posted by *Split* View Post
7. When you say good tag I assume you mean a hand reading i wouldn't want to be too heavily top or bottom side weighted as any action would turn my range face up
oh i understand now, what i mean by a good NL10-NL50 TAG or a 'good' TAG maybe was actually a good ABC TAG -> so and rather without any special abbility to hand read or make some really tight folds otr
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