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Re: COTW: Understanding Polarization

Originally Posted by *Split* View Post
1. You can use a polarized range IP...but would hands like KQ or AJ play better by flatting or 3betting? Also consider the frequency that your 3bet gets action when you are IP v OOP...

2. ofc...and if you are playing against a player that can read it, obviously you wouldn't want to turn your CBet range face-up regardless of your action. Like anything, don't make plays that allow villain to play perfectly against you

3. I don't have an example off hand...but there are plenty of times when our range looks like it would be polarized given our previous actions. But again, this is only relevant against a hand reader

4. too dependent on villain. can he hand read? does he understand my CBet strategy? would he bet/fold anything but Kx+ if I CRd?

5. that's pretty polarized. as for the weight, it's against dependent on how villain plays. does he fold to a ton of dubs or does he get stickier because it's a steal pot? does he call dubs liberally yet play super fit or fold to triple barrels? these questions are too vague tbh

6. again, depends on villain.

sorry I couldn't give you more concrete answers...but a lot more info is needed. How you polarized and how you weight ranges is very villain and spot dependent
mm, is see your point what i meant by opponent in here was yeah what would be answers to 4,5,6 questions if the opponent is TAG and would be like you say super fit or fold ( rather folding a lot then calling )
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