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Re: COTW: Understanding Polarization

Originally Posted by mysticism View Post
mm, got to ask, probably obvious, but nevertheless:

1. why would we can't use polarized hands IP ? what would be the reason to not use polarized hands IP? like, is there any ? shouldn't we always or like almost always use polarized ranges when we're ip ? i mean like beside maybe the obvious reason when we'd be facing a station right,
so could you show up with a reason and/or example when 3-betting a depolarized range vs a kind of usual TAG opponent would have its purpose, what would be that purpose exactly iyo ( i maybe come up with some reasons to do it, but to know for sure.. )

2. on one hand you show the advantages of making a polarized c-bet;induce bluffs, induce comfortability, minimize loss when behind, pot control, on the other that the combat Against such a c-bet is very easy to play, if so aren't we making our range easy to play then ?

3. in the following examples about VB-ing/bluffing you showed two that included bluffing - bluffcatching - could you also show a few including the vb-ing and how could we use it ?

4. lets say you open on the co (vs btn) how would you create/weight a polarized CR range on the following board K94r vs a TAG? i bet it would consist for ex. like 22-33,55, bdfd, bdsd (87?JT?), KK-AA,99,44

5. in the following example lets say that now you CB otf, got called, turn is blank ( a deuce ), how would you construct a polarized betting range ott ? the board now is K94r2, your polarized betting range would be like, nuts: 22, 44, 99, KK, AA?, bluffs: Ax, missed bdfd + overcard, missed bdsd + an overcard, QT? QJ?

6. how would your betting range change if turn would be a 7,J,Q or a T? would it change at all ? if so what cards would stop you from barreling

thx for answers, glad to hear cheers
1. You can use a polarized range IP...but would hands like KQ or AJ play better by flatting or 3betting? Also consider the frequency that your 3bet gets action when you are IP v OOP...

2. ofc...and if you are playing against a player that can read it, obviously you wouldn't want to turn your CBet range face-up regardless of your action. Like anything, don't make plays that allow villain to play perfectly against you

3. I don't have an example off hand...but there are plenty of times when our range looks like it would be polarized given our previous actions. But again, this is only relevant against a hand reader

4. too dependent on villain. can he hand read? does he understand my CBet strategy? would he bet/fold anything but Kx+ if I CRd?

5. that's pretty polarized. as for the weight, it's against dependent on how villain plays. does he fold to a ton of dubs or does he get stickier because it's a steal pot? does he call dubs liberally yet play super fit or fold to triple barrels? these questions are too vague tbh

6. again, depends on villain.

sorry I couldn't give you more concrete answers...but a lot more info is needed. How you polarized and how you weight ranges is very villain and spot dependent
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