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Re: COTW: Understanding Polarization

mm, got to ask, probably obvious, but nevertheless:

Originally Posted by *Split* View Post
Now, this isn't to say that we can't use polarized hands IP, nor to say that you should never depole OOP...this is just talking outloud. Each situation is specific and individual, so adjust as the situation calls for.
1. why would we can't use polarized hands IP ? what would be the reason to not use polarized hands IP? like, is there any ? shouldn't we always or like almost always use polarized ranges when we're ip ? i mean like beside maybe the obvious reason when we'd be facing a station right,
so could you show up with a reason and/or example when 3-betting a depolarized range vs a kind of usual TAG opponent would have its purpose, what would be that purpose exactly iyo ( i maybe come up with some reasons to do it, but to know for sure.. )

2. on one hand you show the advantages of making a polarized c-bet;induce bluffs, induce comfortability, minimize loss when behind, pot control, on the other that the combat Against such a c-bet is very easy to play, if so aren't we making our range easy to play then ?

3. in the following examples about VB-ing/bluffing you showed two that included bluffing - bluffcatching - could you also show a few including the vb-ing and how could we use it ?

4. lets say you open on the co (vs btn) how would you create/weight a polarized CR range on the following board K94r vs a TAG? i bet it would consist for ex. like 22-33,55, bdfd, bdsd (87?JT?), KK-AA,99,44

5. in the following example lets say that now you CB otf, got called, turn is blank ( a deuce ), how would you construct a polarized betting range ott ? the board now is K94r2, your polarized betting range would be like, nuts: 22, 44, 99, KK, AA?, bluffs: Ax, missed bdfd + overcard, missed bdsd + an overcard, QT? QJ?

6. how would your betting range change if turn would be a 7,J,Q or a T? would it change at all ? if so what cards would stop you from barreling

thx for answers, glad to hear cheers
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