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Re: Simulated risk of ruin in $1500 WSOP events

Originally Posted by gostatego View Post
Interesting... Does the risk of ruin change proportionally with the size of the bankroll.

For example if the player has a 90k bankroll do they have half the chance of going broke or is it less because of the extra amount of buyins
As the bankroll increases the risk of ruin will exponentially decrease. We are assuming said player has an edge.

Lets say there's a 40% chance you're stuck at the end of each week of grinding.

1 weeks in a row 40%
2 weeks in a row .4 x .4 = 16%
3 in row .4 x .4 x .4= 6.4%

Because you're always more likely to win than loose, it gets exponentially harder go broke the bigger your allowed sample size (bankroll).
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