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Re: Simulated risk of ruin in $1500 WSOP events

While this is very interesting in theory, we can't enter $1.5k WSOPs year-round nor make them our sole form of income. So I'm all for taking shots and keeping a larger % of myself even if it gives me a high theoretical risk of ruin since there are only a finite number of $1.5k's each summer. Then I can just bust my ass a little harder at online stuff if I do poorly.

I guess things would be different if I weren't so overrolled for online play, or if mid-high stakes MTTs required a bigger roll. Like, I only need a $50k roll to play a $80-$100 ABI at small field online MTTs/low-midstakes cash games. But then I step into the live arena and I'm technically not rolled for even the lowest of WSOP tourneys.
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