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Re: Las Vegas Sands admits probable FCPA violation

Originally Posted by davmcg View Post
These countries want western technology/investment. So they should play by our rules.

Corruption destroys the ambitions of the common peple in these countries and enriches the elite. Ppl like Adelson should be telling grasping pos officials to gtfo and publicly naming them as seeking bribes. Bribe takers are parasitic filth.

lol ... did you ever check where the 'western technology' is produced ^^

Bribes, presents or donations ... where to draw a line. E.g. in 'asian culture' it is quite common to be a good host and presents (for the host) are common. the politic system in the us depends on donations ... do you think, when a billion dollar company spends millions for a candidate (maybe through lobbyists), they never want a favour ...

if you want a good place on the market, you have to pay the fees ... whatever you call them
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