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Re: ***Stoxpoker EV calculator 1.0.9 released***

Originally Posted by pokercurious View Post
Got a question on some of the calculations:

When I simulate a simple preflop decision, I get the following tree and resulting EV:

Now, when I add the "fold" branch of the tree, the equity and EV both change:

The EV of a fold should be zero here, right? Why is it changing when I add the fold branch?
A player's range is decided in his first decision.

In the first pic the BB's range will be the top 17.5% of hands. He will get those hands 100% of the time.

In the second pic the BB's range is all hands. He will play 17.5% of them and fold the rest.

In the second pic the EV of the top 17.5% of hands is about $164, the EV of folding is 0. The total EV will be $164*0.175+$0*0.825=$29.
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