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Re: Las Vegas Sands admits probable FCPA violation

Originally Posted by davmcg View Post
My original comment was aimed at "That's just how business is done in some countries." Those who made the laws know about the corruption culture in the developing world. That's the whole point of the law - to stamp out that culture.
It's not our job to change the culture of other countries. That's the reason the US is involved in so many wars. We're always putting our nose where it doesn't belong. If China wants to get rid of corruption in their country - that is their problem, not ours. If they want to make anti-corruption laws and investigate and prosecute US companies who break them, that's great. They should do it. But it's not our place to try to do it for them. It's pretty arrogant for us to believe that forcing our big companies not to pay bribes is going to change China. All it does is put them at a competitive disadvantage to companies that are willing to pay.
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