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Re: International Stadiums Poker Tour, Wembley May 31-June 6, 2013, prize pool approx. 10,000,

Hello ISPTofficial, a very imporant question:

What will the min-cash be?

If the min-cash is like 3.000, I can not understand how 70% of the field day 2 will come ITM? I mean, GTO must then be to buy-in direct day 2 for 3k and then ante away until all the shortstacks from day 1 is busto, for a complete freeroll.

If the min-cash however is 500, I can understand the payout structure, however who will sign up for such an event?

Oh, I just answered my own question I guess, why you have not published any payout structure...

Pls mr ISPTofficial, pokerplayers in general are dumb, but not that stupid.
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