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Re: ***Stoxpoker EV calculator 1.0.9 released***

Originally Posted by luckyfool View Post
Hi Scylla,

really nice software, I just wish I was actually smart enough to use it. I spent some time trying to model the following situation:

I'm UTG+1, AQ of hearts, raise it up to 5x, villain on btn calls. his range is 22-JJ,AKs-A4s, AKo-AQo, KQo.

flop is T32 all hearts, giving me the nut flush. I bet 10, villain min-r to 20 and now I need a decision tree. - I give villain a set here 100% of the time so I adjust the ranges accordingly. I have the following question in this situation.

What is the best move ev-wise between

a) flat calling his min-r and chk/fold when the board pairs and push on any non-pairing board
b) just shove on the flop? I'm assuming that villain never folds a set.
c) 3b flop to 55 and push any turn that doesn't pair the board.
Hi Luckyfool,

I'm asuming that if you just call, the turn is a heart and you push, villain will fold getting 1.69:1.
If you checkraised the flop and push a heart turn villain will call getting 4.04:1.

To include all 3 lines in the tree I've added them all to the decision and attached a weight to the first and second one.
In this way all lines get about a third of all runs.
Currently the bet-call line is the superior one.
After that the floppush.
Slightly behind that is the flop reraise.

You can get the EVs for each action by hovering over it. A popup will display the action's EV.

Mail me at and I'll mail you the savefile.

Originally Posted by luckyfool View Post
Another scenario on the flop: if villain calls my flop bet, I put him on a 1card fd and I want to model that he pays me off with all hands that include the Q of hears and K of hearts and fold everything else.

the problem I had when modelling this is to pick the hands that he pays me off with when he makes his 1card flush and exclude them from the fold action... quite time-consuming..
I think the option you're looking for is under the "holecards" tab of the postflop menu.
Click the "Range" button and enter Kh,Qh.
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