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Re: *** OFFICIAL PokerStars MTTSNG Suggestion Thread ***

Originally Posted by gaaish View Post
Am I insane, or PokerStars Baard hasn't even mentioned about our feedback?

I can't believe, that after such a declaration:

not even a single word has been written.


You are correct in that I haven't commented further on moving the rebuy tournament from the MTT lobby. However, we did communicate this well ahead of time, so I doubt anyone was surprised.

As stated before, this is a test which we will run for some time. At present, I am not committing to how long the test will run, but the after seeing the result, we will decide on one of two options:
  1. Moving all MTT Sit&Go's from the MTT lobby (not including satellites).
  2. Leaving things as they were before the rebuy tournament was moved.

There is no bias towards the rebuy tournament, it was just the one which was most practical to use for the test.

I will return to you on this topic when I have more information for you and will not comment further until then.

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