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Re: The Big Question For Full Tilt's U.S. Players: Will They Get Their Poker Winnings Back?

Originally Posted by zzzed View Post
Why would the DOJ tell the PPA they had nothing with regard to new information about remissions, then turn around a few days later and post an update specifically about new information?

Does the PPA think this is weird? I'm confused
It is all pretty simple. We asked AFMLS if a claims administrator had been hired they said "no." We asked when they expected that to occur and they said that "USAO was handling the claims adminstrator" (i.e. the Southern District) and that they were "working on it." I suspect AFMLS checked in with the USAO after our meeting to get an update.

So the "news" today is that they are working on it and they expect to have someone selected in January. I am pleased that they hope to have the claims administrator selected and even more pleased that they are sharing information. More transparency and communications with the player community was something we hoped would come from our meeting.

I would still caution folks that selecting a claims administrator is just one part of the process and that there will still be a substantial administrative process before players start seeing their money. I think the most important thing for the community to focus on is ensuring that 100 percent of player balances are returned and that it is a fair and streamlined proccess by which to apply for the remission.

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