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re: SBR Discussion Thread (SportsBookReview / SBRForum)

Prop, I agree with wiper...which pretty much never happens. I'm perfectly comfortable letting it be "your" faq. This has happened in other forums on here...mod gets out of the way while knowledgeable poster constructs the faq. Up to you for best strat I say. I appreciate you seeking input and/or approval but ultimately I think "your call" is what I prefer to go with. You know way more about all this that I do.

You're willing to listen to other opinions. I don't hear any major objections to your latest suggestion. Let's go with it until you change your mind perhaps if convinced by others.

Also, I think the best startegy to expose this stuff for semi novices and noobs is to keep the conversation going. Use this forum to express your disagreement with the issues that get censored, deleted or banned over there. I'm perfectly comfortable with that. If they are scummy on some of this stuff then expose them however you feel is best. I think your judgment on any of this is likely quite good and I would like for this forum to serve as a means to help other posters find their way and learn what's real and what's garbage. The faq is a start...but continued discussion is probably good too I suspect and I would like to encourage you to do that here.
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