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I'm all for them being removed, or at least a warning stating something like "sbr was reputable in 2009 and prior. Nowdays they're barely a step above con operation."

Idk why the fk when anybody take their word as being a watchdog for players when they steal 10k from Boot, attempt to extort books like BP and put rickysteve on post review for pointing that out clear as day, promote Cascade to an A rating before they crash no less than 2-3 months later, have no idea what WSEX financial status really was or whatever it was they failed at that caused all the people who deposited to their A rated book to be **** out of luck forever. The Betonline saga is the biggest disgrace currently going there. That and having sponsor bias in casino disputes with ez and heritage.

I'd also add as another reason for not linking them, is to question what is there to gain from sbr? Jmo, but anybody who posted there ever worth reading is long gone or on post review to where they boycott an refuse to drive traffic anymore.

Also, Lou might be the biggest idiot I've ever seen at any forum. It's all barelt above a con operation at this point to me, but sbr doesn't care. For all the few sharps that posted there that are long gone or refuse to drive traffic to this place anymore, there's always the next slew of college kids coming along that will find sbr somehow.
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