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re: And the war on P2P trading begins...(Merge halts transfers)

Originally Posted by STEWIE_GRIFF View Post

The speculation about Merge going under or doing it b/c they don't have the funds is silly. The funds are segregated, it's been posted online, by me, and in various forms including here at 2+2. I've personally confirmed this by interviewing multiple skin reps and Merge execs.

This is super irresponsible of you to post given that every site that goes under says their funds are segregated and to my knowledge no real independent auditors of high reputation verify these things on any US facing sites (and some non US facing sites).

Dismissing what I think are some valid points I make about the way this impacts money and processing times and costs without addressing them and just saying "it's all good, I've asked people and they said funds are safe" is very irresponsible from someone that makes money on Merge sign ups.

Linking to another affiliate's site, especially one like G911 is a pretty terrible way of making your point as well.

Again, I don't think Merge is going under, but sudden moves like this on the back of massive traffic losses are concerning to me about financial stability. The manner in which you push back on my concerns is very misleading and irrelevant at best.
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