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Re: Smashing Fewer Holes in Your Computer Desk: Written Insights on Modern Internet Poker

My review for Smashing Fewer Holes in Your Computer Desk; Written Insights on Modern Poker:

It has taken me 4 weeks to go over everything included in SFH and it has culminated in me being a more confident and knowledgeable poker player. I have played 37k hands since I started SFH and my EV bb/100 has improved by 2.24. This is obviously a small sample and all of it was played without a HUD at Speed Poker games. I wasn’t able to use some of the analysis like W$WSF/W$SD%/WTSD% and other stats that Jon teaches so when I can have a HUD I expect to gain even more from SFH. I also expect to gain more as I have now fully gone over the product. I will try to update my progress when I get more hands under my belt with a HUD. I will be going through SFH again this coming month as there is A LOT of detail and information in the video analyses that it is impossible to go through it just once and expect to grasp everything. I have a degree in Finance and I would put SFH up there with those college assignments that made your brain hurt and made you re-read something 20x because your brain would shut off at how complex it can be.

Poker is a complex game and very rarely will a situation be the same as before. That is why I think the most important thing you learn from SFH is how to think about poker in a lot of different situations. In some situations you will be fine-tuning what you know/suspected and in others you will learn a lot of new things. Jon doesn’t put up a hand chart and say “here play these hands in X situation”. “Ok but what do I do in XY and XZ situation?” What Jon does is he takes you through his thinking process so that when XY and XZ situations come up you can think FOR YOURSELF as to what the best play is! Let’s face it, the goal of any poker player should be to be able to work through any situation and come to a reasonable +EV conclusion. That is where Jon’s product pays for itself as he teaches you how to think about a myriad of different situations by utilizing 3 different players in 3 different videos. The strategy articles, depending on your skill level, will also bring either new knowledge or fine-tune what you know. When you finish the product and have questions you will get those questions answered in a skype session with Jon where the 30 minutes turns into “however long it takes to answer your questions” minutes. You are paying $500 for a lot of content and ALL questions answered. That is something that no mass-market poker book can give you. Is the money a lot to pay for this? Last time I checked $500 is no pocket change, so yes it is a lot of money! However, if you are serious about improving your thinking in poker and being able to come to more +EV conclusions then I highly recommend SFH.

I have also started an SFH poker group where the goal is to use what we learned in SFH and analyze each other’s hands and help each other out. Each week we send hands to each other on Skype and get analysis back in a few days from each member. We are also available to talk about hands with each other on a daily basis, etc. Jon has also said that he could come on every once in a while to talk to us as well. If you already have SFH or are going to buy it and are interested in joining, shoot me a PM here on 2+2 and we can talk. The major requirement is to have SFH and have gone through at least some of it. We currently have 3 members including myself. Best of luck!
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