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Re: StackAndTile

Am giving SAT another go and am liking my set-up so far.

I found a way around the HyperSimple problem. Overwrite the "advbet-button" in PokerStars/themes/ordinary/ctrls with the same file from PokerStars/gx/ctrls.

The only thing I find off putting upon first use is that (using after entering pot mode) when you click the "fold and stack" hotkey on a table already in your stack, it sends the table to the bottom of your stack. Atm this seems a bit unnatural, would just like the table to remain on top until another one pops up requiring action. I realise I could use the "fold" hotkey instead, but then tables won't move out of the grid 'automatically' when you fold as I would like. Is there any way around these things?
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