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Re: COTW: Configuring Our HUD Stats

Originally Posted by Dave C View Post
I don't know if there's a specific stat for call flop in position, bet river when checked to, but there stats for facing a continuation bet, which should be able to give an idea of whether someone is calling more c-bets than they have made hands + decent draws. In HM2 they're in a section "vs continuation bet" or something like that, probably similar in HM1.

Maybe i didnt explain well. A float is when your opponent calls your continuationbet on flop and when you check turn opponent bets on turn.
Some players do this continously and take pots away and if an opponent does that too often you can checkraise turn or bet turn double barreling more often.
There is a stat like fold to continuationbet but i mean a stat what shows how often villain bets turn after heros preflopsraising and continuationbet and checkin turn.
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