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Re: Smashing Fewer Holes in Your Computer Desk: Written Insights on Modern Internet Poker

First off, I want to apologize for taking so long to write this review. I remembered writing one before but completely forgot that I meant to write a final review when I finished going through the product.

I'm not going to start off by telling you what SFHiYCD is. You already know what it consists of. SFHiYCD is a product that emphasizes that every spot in poker is important. It makes sure you are constantly thinking of all of your options. For example, one thing I thought that was great in Jon's product was that he doesn't neglect any situation. By this I mean, say you are watching the video and there is an open and the hero elects to fold a marginal hand. If you missed a spot to 3bet Jon will point that out. Or if it folds to us on the button and you fold your J4s but should have opened, Jon will point that out. I found this to be particularly good because we are unable to improve areas that we don't know are wrong with our game. You would never bring a hand to a coaching session where a certain player raised utg and you fold A4s on the button but Jon's product points out what I like to call these "unknown leaks." Once you realize that you might be missing out on profitable plays in one spot your thinking will change and you will be able to apply similar concepts to other spots.

Additionally, Jon provides extensive commentary on almost every hand that the hero elects to play. He takes the analysis a step further than most other coaches. Not only will he tell you if he thinks that you should bet the flop, for example. He will also tell you why and explain it through the use of combinatorics and mathematics. He then also gives advice on how he would treat all sorts of different board runouts as opposed to merely the runout that occurs in the hand. It is obviously important to have a plan at the start of the hand and not to just be quickly making decisions on the fly. He teaches the importance of planning hands and going with your reads.

I think that SFHiYCD is a product applicable from players ranging from the microstakes to midstakes. Microstakes player will be able to use it to help themselves build fundamentals, and better understand the game. Additionally the strategy articles will help give them an understanding of basic ranges and provide mathematical insight as to why certain plays are good and others are not. Midstakes players will already be familiar with some of the concepts, and likely even disagree with some things. This is good as it causes the player to think "Why do Jon and I think differently in this spot? Can I improve my play by doing as he suggests?" And whether or not you conclude that your line or Jon's line works best it will have given you the opportunity to spend hours thinking about your game and your play. I also think they will be able to gain from fixing some of these "unknown leaks" and once you reach the level of a decent midstakes winner it is not the big "aha" moment that will improve your game but the small, seemingly insignificant plays that will provide the slight increase to your winrate.
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