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Re: Smashing Fewer Holes in Your Computer Desk: Written Insights on Modern Internet Poker

Well, I promised myself I would do a follow up, so here goes.

It's a tough follow up to write, because I could tell SFH was working and making me a better player, so I kind of planned to post my old, pre-SFH breakeven graph next to my new, slightly winning post-SFH graph and let the results speak for themselves. That didn't work out, because if I posted the graph, you'd think I was lying.

I spent the first part of April playing NL50 and absorbing everything in SFHiYCD. By the end of April I had made several changes in my game: I branched out among several sites to find the best action, and started playing more shorthanded and heads up poker. I hadn't played short much before, but SFHiYCD gave me a huge confidence boost in thinking through complex situations and varied ranges and spots, so I just went with it.

May was a five figure month for me, the first I've ever had in poker (by a long shot). June is trending in that direction as well. I have gone from barely holding my own at NL50 to being a player regs avoid at NL200 and NL400.

I spoke about this at length with Jon, and we both agreed that it would be silly to claim SFH was the source of all of that epic run. It was kind of a perfect storm of game selection, increased skill (from SFH), run good, and confidence that gave me the biggest month in poker I've ever had.

All that said, I do think SFHiYCD was a crucial part of giving me those wins.

The big thing about poker literature, I think, is that a good poker player is not necessarily a good communicator, so there's always a bit of doubt. I can buy Harrington on Hold'em, but will it really teach me how to play like Dan Harrington? I can buy Play Poker Like the Pros, but is it really going to get me twelve bracelets?

This is where SFHiYCD really shines for me. Jon is a winning player, and after really absorbing all the material, I really feel I have the ability to play like Jon. I almost feel bad for him, as I don't really know where he could go with a follow up title, as I really feel he poured every drop of wisdom and insight he had into this material. SFHiYCD is definitely not some phoned-in title just trying to make a buck.

A few months later, I am also finding SFHiYCD makes for a good re-watch. Even after I know the material, some poker books sit on my shelf and collect dust, but a select few get pulled out again and again whenever I find myself in need of a "refresher course." SFHiYCD is one of the titles that definitely stands out.

The biggest thing I think I got from Jon's work is a genuine feeling of confidence and control. I'm now able to know, even pre-flop, what my plan is going to be on a variety of flops, turns, and rivers. I'm rarely surprised at the tables anymore, and I almost never think, "How the **** did I get here?" (A common problem I had prior to reading.)

I can't say how much Jon's book has made me, directly. I can say with confidence, however, that it has made me well more than its purchase price, and that lets me recommend it wholeheartedly .
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