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Re: ICMIZER support

Originally Posted by mypkrstuff View Post
with regards to the above post why do you need to include the ranges of villans actions if hero folds when the analysis of a hands is a hero raise or push?
As SiQ points out it just greatly affects your EV in many cases.

One of common cases is bubble when your on the button and big stack is on SB. Because he pushes so wide usually your push range in this situation is greatly affected by BB call range. Because if he mistakenly calls wide, you are far better of folding most cards, as theres a good chance that if you fold there will be a showdown SB vs BB and you can just get ITM without playing a hand.

If BB is too tight on other hand, this is less likely and you can push more hands than in case when he is loose.

SiQ, you are welcome

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