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Re: ICMIZER support

Originally Posted by mypkrstuff View Post
have options menu

with regards to the above post why do you need to include the ranges of villans actions if hero folds when the analysis of a hands is a hero raise or push?
how does this effect ev calcualtions?
is it necessary to have good ranges here for a good calculation? or does it really not effect the calculation of heros ev?
because the equity of your push (or fold) is greatly effected by what happens when you push and also when you fold. for instance it would be really bad to make a lot of the "standard" shoves if you knew that once you fold SB will shove into BB with 100% range and BB will call with 100% range (obv an exaggerated example).

it is necessary to have good ranges for what they do when you fold. absolutely.

Q thanks for the update. awesome work. i love it.
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