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Re: ICMIZER support

First column (HERO PUSH) represents call ranges versus hero push as you say and ranges in this column + overcall ranges are used to calculate EV Push. Those are the most important ranges and have most effect on calculation result.

Overcalls represent overcall ranges after hero pushes and player in specific position calls him. After that players on positions after first caller can perform overcall (OC) So if hero pushes BTN, SB can call, and BB will have editable OC range for this spot.

Other columns represent pushes from positions after hero in case hero folds. So BTN push represents - first range (PU range) push range for button player. CA ranges - call ranges against BTN push from SB and BB. SB PUSH column - SB PU push range from SB, BB CA - call range from BB vs SB push.

SiQ, I've added Contrast color option for colorblind people. it can be found in options

as for 4)th request about EV diff contrast - its been added. Now it looks much more contrast I believe. However some people are now asking to have an option to have it old way..
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