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ICMIZER 3 - Professional Preflop Poker Calculator, SNG Coach - Advanced Push/Fold Quiz Trainer

Raise your game and your profits in the SNG and MTT poker tournaments!

What is ICMIZER 3?

ICMIZER is a preflop poker calculator designed to assist in making the right preflop decision in the latter stage of the tournament when only two options remain: to fold or to go all-in.

Furthermore, our team has created a personal push/fold coach (game simulator) called SNG COACH:

as well as a virtual hand REPLAYER:

both of which are accessible to ICMIZER Suite PRO subscribers.

Main Offerings of Tools in the ICMIZER Suite PRO:

Push/fold Charts for 169 Starting Hands

Popular poker rooms like PokerStars allow you to save and export tournament hands into a separate file. By loading this file into ICMIZER you learn which hands to push and which to fold, depending on your situation at the tournament table (the parameters of your current situation are entered before the calculation is made).

Why buy a subscription to ICMIZER when you can find complete push/fold charts online for free?

The push/fold charts in ICMIZER take into account your position at the tournament table, the stakes and actions of the other players, the level of the blinds, and the ranges used by your opponents. Static and free push/fold charts don't take any of these factors into account, which renders them useless and even occasionally harmful to the player.

Nash Equilibrium Calculation - Optimal Actions for All Players

Our software helps you find the Nash Equilibrium in just a few seconds, presenting the optimal actions for you and for your opponents for each specific situation at the tournament table. What's more, we have added a new ability in ICMIZER 3 to assign individually weighted hands within a selected range. Thanks to this, the Nash Equilibrium calculation takes place in mixed rather than pure strategies, allowing for more accurate results.

Auto-analysis of Poker Hands

The automatic analysis feature is one of the most important features of ICMIZER 3. ICMIZER quickly looks through all your hands in the tournament, finds suitable ones for analysis, calculates equilibrium ranges, watches how the player played, then shows all the errors and points out the most expensive ones. This feature allows you to find the most controversial and difficult hands immediately, as well as receive from the training process not only benefits but also a pleasure.

Simulating Game Situations at the Tournament Table

Your push/fold personal SNG Coach allows you to eschew financial risk by practicing the latter stage of a tournament in tutorial mode, honing specific skills by forcing specific simulations. The push/fold personal SNG Coach will clearly expose your "weak points" that still need improvement.

ICMIZER SNG Coach Mobile App

You get the full power of the desktop ICMIZER - the same ways to customize your coaching session parameters, the same custom question difficulty tailored for you, and the same ways to analyze your answer and the correct strategy for each of 169 starting hands.

While it looks and feels similar to the desktop version of SNG Coach, this is a brand new app written specifically for mobiles platform.


Replayer is a handy tool for replaying hands you’ve played before, with the ability to jump over to the ICMIZER preflop calculator and instantly analyze them. Replayer allows to monitor how the pot odds and the winning odds change on every street during the hand.

4 key benefits of Replayer
  • Analyze any SNG or MTT hands you’ve played in popular poker rooms.
  • Forward interesting Push/Fold hands to ICMIZER for in-depth analysis.
  • User-friendly navigation over a hand, with nice, clean graphics.
  • Track how each player’s equity changes on every street.

Super Progressive Knockout Tournaments

ICMIZER lets you analyze hands from Super Progressive Knockout (PKO) tournaments (with ICM or FGS) with the unique "TrueBounty" model.

TrueBounty model - a proprietary model for bounty tournaments available only in ICMIZER. The model supports up to 100 players remaining in Bounty tournament because of its complexity which ensures superior precision compared to ultra-fast Chip EV bounty model but takes a longer time to run. TrueBounty model provides a significantly better approximation of results which can be achieved by Monte-Carlo simulation compared to the simplistic approach of Chip EV bounty model.

Evaluation Breakdown

Break down all steps of the evaluation to learn how ICMIZER performs the calculations behind the scenes.

Powerful FGS Model with Varying Depth

Each additional level of FGS depth makes the model look one extra hand to take more rounds of blinds into account.


All calculations are performed in the cloud preventing your PC from freezes and keeping system requirements minimal.

ICM Calculations in MTT Tournaments

The MTT mode that performs ICM calculations even before the final table in regular MTTs with up to 500 players remaining (and 2,500 players remaining for PKO MTTs) instead of imprecise ChipEV calculations.

Dynamic Hand Strength-based Rankings
The dynamic hand strength-based rankings significantly improve the range editing experience. The range editing slider takes hands based on their situational strength. So hands that are better for push go in first for push ranges, and hands that are better for the call go in first for calling ranges, etc.

Range Editor with Hand Weights

The handy range editor in ICMIZER 3 allows entering individual weights with ease for hands when editing ranges.

Nash Ranges with Locked Strategies

You can block certain players' strategies according to their preflop tendencies (tighter or looser than Nash) and recalculate optimal responses for other players.

Preset Tournament Types

Save time with the manual setup as the most popular SNG tournament types are already preset for you.

Create New Tournament Types

If you can't find your tournament in our predefined list, you can quickly and easily create new tournament structures and review situations in custom tournaments (a huge benefit for MTT players especially).

Poker Table

Visualize and figure out any hand in the familiar setting of a poker playing table.

Load Hands from All Major Poker Rooms

Load the entire tournament into ICMIZER and review the individual hands with ease. Most poker rooms are supported including PokerStars, 888 Pacific, iPoker, Winamax, PartyPoker, Microgaming, Ignition, Winning Poker Network, Merge, Full Tilt Poker, GG Network.

Hand EV and Range Charts

Visually identify the exact correlation between your Push/Fold decision and your opponent's range. Generate charts to evaluate how profitable the full set of decisions is for the situation you’re analyzing.

Bubble Factors

Whenever you perform a Nash calculation you will see differently colored circles next to each opponent which will indicate their bubble factor against you. The bigger the bubble factor, the more pressure you are putting on this opponent meaning that they will need more equity to call your pushes (as the most obvious example of applying bubble factor).

and a lot of other useful features!

To get 7 days of ICMIZER 3 PRO Suite for $0 open ICMIZER, go to the Subscription menu, and click START 7-DAY FREE TRIAL!

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